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Involving nucleic acid (9,228) PROTEINS, I.E., MORE THAN... (4,876) Subclass (4,682) Distributed or remote access (4,522) Query processing (i.e.,... (4,281) Client/server (4,166) Computer network monitoring (3,570) Peptide containing (e.g.,... (3,534) Subclass (3,333) Generating database or data... (3,266) ANIMAL CELL, PER SE (E.G.,... (3,233) Computer network managing (3,198) Remote data accessing (3,109) Subclass (3,043) Bridge or gateway between... (2,971) Microstrip (2,646) 25 or more peptide... (2,622) Combined circuit switching... (2,619) Accessing a remote server (2,587) Credit or identification... (2,482) DATABASE SCHEMA OR DATA... (2,425) Mobile telephone type... (2,418) Step and repeat (2,372) DATABASE OR FILE ACCESSING (2,306) Methods (2,291) Access augmentation or... (2,270) Test of semiconductor device (2,262) Manipulating data structure... (2,261) Measuring or testing... (2,251) MATERIAL DESIGNED TO BE... (2,211) VECTOR, PER SE (E.G.,... (2,211) Radiation mask (2,209) Subclass (2,178) Cosmetic, antiperspirant,... (2,170) Electronic shopping (e.g.,... (2,169) Computer-to-computer... (2,145) Recombinant DNA technique... (2,103) INTEGRATED OPTICAL CIRCUIT (2,087) With radio cabinet (1,994) Testing (1,979) Particulate form (e.g.,... (1,959) Combining or distributing... (1,954) With probe elements (1,944) SYSTEMS CONTROLLED BY DATA... (1,941) Communication (1,936) Switching a message which... (1,935) Computer related support (1,927) Query formulation, input... (1,926) Subclass (1,909) Grating (1,908)


Power economising in multiple user radio systems..
A multiple user radio system comprising at least one primary station and a plurality of secondary stations by way of a control channel. The primary...

Portable bar..
A portable bar that is capable of being disassembled and assume a collapsed position to facilitate storage. The bar is to include a counter which...

Multistage gas generator for air bag and air...
A multistage gas generator for an air bag has ignition devices 51 and 61 respectively disposed in the combustion chambers 50 and 60 provided in a...

Locking mechanism for a removable live well pump..
A removable live well pump including a pump housing having a first housing portion and a second housing portion, a pump intake pipe attached to the...

X-ray computer tomography apparatus..
An X-ray absorptance map associated with an object to be examined is generated on the basis of scanogram data obtained from a predetermined...

Adhesive fluorine-containing polymer and...
An adhesive fluorine-containing polymer comprising a fluorine-containing polymer having hydrogen atoms bonded to carbon atoms of its main chain and...

Collimated visual display apparatus..
Collimated visual display apparatus comprising an aspheric screen (12) and a curved collimating mirror (16), characterised in that the aspheric...

Exterior rear view mirror integral warning light..
An exterior rear view mirror assembly is disclosed which incorporates a warning light actuatable in conjunction with the vehicle turn signals to...

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